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PT. IP Network Solusindo is an information technology & services company based in Jakarta, Indonesia that enables to deliver Network Solution for Service Provider and Large Enterprise with Next Generation Networks technologies for its clients to gain the highest strategic, financial, operational, and organizational benefits to feature business @Internet Economy

System Integrator Solution Provider


Service Provider and Large Enterprise Solutions – our products
and solution include competencies in NGN Solution for MPLS,
PBT, Collaboration, Metro Ethernet, and Networks Data Center.
Allow us to design, plan, implement, and manage a project end
to end to address the major issues you face. Our solution
competencies include IT Optimization, Enterprise Security,
Business Continuity, and Content Collaboration. A Vested
Interest in Finding the Right Solution – we base our client
projects on business goals and objectives. We believe
information technology projects should be a strategic
component to your business.

Local Skills &

we consider the technical expertise our engineers and architects
our biggest asset. We continue to make investments to develop
our technical skills and require our staff of professionals to certify
in the cutting edge technologies.

Strong Relationship with Customers is our goal, and the biggest
asset is our Customer to be better relationship we encourage you
to leverage our skills and consider our team as an extension of
your team, to building yours IT infrastructure better works.

System Integrator Solution Provider
System Integrator Solution Provider

Technology Ennoblement

Center / Business Partner Innovation Center Certified – this is where the magic happens – where people, ideas and technology come together. With physical access to a portfolio of technologies – your CEOs, and Managers team up with our Engineers, Architects, and Specialists to discuss existing challenges, discover new technology concepts, explore technologies, and identify technology projects to address your business needs.


Partnerships with Innovative and Industry-Leading Hardware & Software Product Vendors – as a Solution provider and systems integrator, we teamed with the right industry leading hardware and software product vendors to offer the best-in-class
technologies to our clients. We represent the best products so you feel confident in the solution we implement to your IT.

System Integrator Solution Provider
System Integrator Solution Provider

SDN needed when you
Virtualised your Networks

Today SDN is very powerful as Virtual Networks Engine, and change decision for many Networks device manufacture including Cisco, ALU, Juniper, IBM, Huawei, HP networks. And look like when you learn SNMP and MIB as monitoring system, SDN to be as Processing Director your Networks, someday you not need processing for appliance Switches, Routers and Security, you just need Appliance Device can be as I/O and Forwarding Traffic.

Functionality of any Appliance Devices push it from SDN Director as parameterised, audited, control and manage the Networks. SDN to as a “Brain” yours Networks with hughes capacity from terabits and peta bits Networks.

What is look likes…. its like AeroSpace Ship at Startrek Movie….