As System Integrator, IPNet bring Technology and Design,
our business not a boxes delivery

We provide expertise, consulting, and design to meet your business growth, every Vendor brings features and technology but your business needs speed, control, and agility. IPNet provides the “Class of Business” solution based to support your business everywhere and anywhere with the right sizing and lowest latency to support high response with the optimum solution.

When Customers grow their business we already send a blueprint to entrance scalability of Networks, Data Center, and Security follows your business growth. We also provide migration Plan traditional data centers to Cloud-based data centers with standard implementation and procedures.

Today IPNet is partnering with the best Vendors, and the newest technology, featuring to provide scalability Data Center, Clouds Data Center, IP Core, Branches Solution, Advanced Security, and Next Generation Networks and Security.

Networks and Security

Today IPnet providing security for Networks, Application and databased

Network Security

The Data Center today increased in applications and is integrated into the outside networks and cloud, commerce, Social media Networks, and so on, and protecting data is important from inside and outside, so we always bring solutions based on the requirements of customers and their businesses.

Security management for networks is different for all kinds of situations. small offices may only require basic security while large businesses may require high-maintenance and advanced software and hardware to prevent malicious attacks from hacking and spamming. In order to minimize susceptibility to malicious attacks from external threats to the network, corporations often employ tools that carry out network security verifications.

Application Security

Application Securities includes all tasks that introduce a secure software development life cycle to development teams. Its final goal is to improve security practices and, through that, to find, fix, and preferably prevent security issues within applications. It encompasses the whole application life cycle from requirements analysis, design, implementation, verification as well as maintenance. This case is a very difficult to do process, we will provide tools to improve Application Security and development lifecycle with Automated Tooling.

Many security tools can be automated through inclusion into the development or testing environment. Examples of those are automated DAST/SAST tools that are integrated into code editors or CI/CD platforms.

Coordinated vulnerability platforms. These are hacker-powered application security solutions offered by many websites and software developers by which individuals can receive recognition and compensation for reporting bugs.

Web Application Security Tools are specialized tools for working with HTTP traffic

Dependency scanners (also called Software Composition Analysis) try to detect the usage of software components with known vulnerabilities. These tools can either work on-demand, e.g., during the source code build process or periodically and Abstraction is the idea of making more complex things less complex.


security operations center (SOC) is a centralized unit that deals with security issues on an organizational and technical level. It comprises the three building blocks for managing and enhancing an organization’s security posture: people, processes, and technology. Thereby, governance and compliance provide a framework, tying together these building blocks. A SOC within a building or facility is a central location from where staff supervises the site, using data processing technology. Typically, a SOC is equipped for access monitoring and controlling of lighting, alarms, and vehicle barriers

Identity & Policy Control

The new network must adapt in real-time to end user and application requirements in order to offer high-value services for entitled users at an optimal network expense, with identity and policy control portfolio provides the following key functionalities:

  • Collection of subscribers’ access and application activation requests
  • Processing of requests based on subscribers’ profiles (authentication and authorization)
  • Dynamic network configuration based on subscriber and application requests in real time
  • Tracking of subscribers’ activity for accounting and reporting purposes

SIEM & Analytic

Security information and event management (SIEM) is an approach to security management that seeks to provide a holistic view of an organization’s information technology (IT) security. SIEM combines SIM (security information management) and SEM (security event management) functions into one security management system.  The acronym is pronounced “sim” with a silent e.